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About Us

It's Just Cricket is a specialist cricket shop based in Wrexham, serving customers all over the world.

We strive to be different in a world where cricket shops are becoming increasingly the same. Look at almost every cricket shop and they will stock the same brands, at the same price, with nothing making them stand out at all. 

But not here at IJC. We do things a little bit differently! 

There are four main things about us that make us anything but your ordinary cricket store: 

The IJC Philosophy

The vast majority of the bats on our shelves are handpicked by the team here. This means that we travel across the country to visit factories and warehouses and pick out the very best willow that the companies make. Often, we find bats which should be well over £400, that are under £200 - something which is impossible without handpicking. Unlike other retailers, we don't just get what is given to us by the manufacturer - we choose what is best for our customers. This means we don't stock just the biggest brands - we stock smaller ones, like Phantom, Viking and Mighty Willow because we believe they offer exceptional, handmade, English bats, at a far more reasonable price than most of the so called bigger brands! We also stock the wider known names, but only in the price points we feel offer great value for money! Essentially, the bats on our shelves comes with our personal guarantee - we can tell you why we picked it and the story behind it.

Special Benefits to Clubs

We offer "club commission" on any item that a member of your club purchases from It’s Just Cricket Ltd, for the duration of our respective existences. This means that the more your club spends with IJC, the more your club receives back in money from us. It is free to register, and payments start straight away! All members of the IJC team play club cricket, so we want to make sure we can actively benefit local grassroots cricket


It's Just Cricket are at the forefront of the cricket reviewing industry. With over 16 Million views on our YouTube channel, over 50,000 subscribers and well over 1600 videos, we put out new content almost every week. Our reviews are honest and unbiased (we've even sometimes gotten into trouble from the manufacturers for being too honest!), and aim to be informative, and not salesy. We provide information for customers who can't physically come to our store, and make videos about wider cricket equipment issues, not just the products in our stock. 




Trustpilot Customer Reviews

Sometimes we prefer to let our customers do the talking. To read reviews of their experiences at IJC, and find out why we are one of the highest rated cricket shops in the world, see here



Paul Cole, owner and founder of It's Just Cricket. 


IJC stands for It's Just Cricket. IJC stands for the best customer service in the world. IJC stands for a team who are as passionate about cricket as you are. IJC stands for the best kit at the best prices. IJC stands for cricket.

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