Lockdown Update: All Online Orders will be dispatched as normal. Our new Wrexham showroom is open now for customers in Wales on an appointment basis and will be open to ALL customers from 3rd December

Trade In Service

Earn store credit on your old, used gear by trading it in at our London showroom!

Got some old cricket equipment that you don't really need, that's just taking up valuable space in your kit bag? Or is your gear just a bit worse for wear and in need of updating? Either way, we want your old gear, so please bring it in to our London showroom! In exchange you will get cash for new equipment there and then. 

IJC Trade In Service


No need to take the time and effort to list your second-hand gear on eBay, with no guarantee that it will even sell.  And no PayPal or eBay selling fees to worry about either.  As long as it's in an acceptable condition (or better) we will take it from you, guaranteed, thanks to our unique trade in service.  Here's how it works:

  • 1. Visit our London showroom with your used gear and hand it in to a member of our team for inspection.
  • 2. The gear will be condition assessed while you wait.  Provided that the equipment is considered to be in an acceptable, good or excellent condition*, a valuation will be provided within minutes.  In general, the better the condition, the higher the valuation, so anything deemed to be in an excellent condition will earn you more than a similar product in a good condition. 
  • 3. The valuation price is then instantly available to you and will be paid on the spot (via PayPal or bank transfer), which you can use towards new gear there and then.
  • 4. The equipment you traded in then becomes available on our website HERE - allowing anyone in the world the opportunity to purchase it, at an affordable price!

Never before has it been so cost effective to update and upgrade your cricket equipment! And you will be helping our other customers while you do so.

There are no real restrictions on the type of gear that you can trade in, we only ask that you don't expect our acceptance of a smelly old box!

Please note that this service only applies to used gear - we do not accept anything new or unused.  Also, we can only accept trade ins that are handed to us in person in our showroom, so please don't post your used gear to us.  We can't condition assess or value any second-hand gear via photos or even videos - we need to see it in the flesh so we can offer you the fairest possible credit amount.

*Our condition criteria are as follows:

  • 1. EXCELLENT: almost new, only used a handful of times - "mint condition".
  • 2. GOOD: used for 1-2 seasons, and possibly some signs of wear and tear, but still plenty of life left.
  • 3. ACCEPTABLE: used for 2+ seasons, with evident wear and tear, but still usable and fit for purpose.